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"Vintage Jack" for Mandolin

Enjoy the benefits of having a pickup installed in your instrument without having to worry about damage or loss of value.  Our "Vintage Jack" replaces your standard factory endpin to make your instrument pickup ready -- NO DRILLING REQUIRED.

We have incorporated the highest quality stereo output jack available into a precision machined brass end pin.  Now you can properly install pickups in your instrument without having to drill out the end pin hole or use some other less than ideal system.  A "Vintage Jack" is available to fit most guitars, mandolins, violins and similar instruments equipped with taper fit end pins.  The "Vintage Jack" is securely retained by the taper fit of the mating parts -- no adhesives required.


Shown at left is a Mandolin "Vintage Jack" in special order ebony along with a factory issue endpin for a Collings MF5.  The Mandolin "Vintage Jack" is available in Brass (standard model), or any of the Special Order Materials


The "Vintage Jack" comes stereo wired* with 18" leads of fully shielded mil-spec coaxial cable and is ready to be hard wired to your pickups.  We include a heavy duty SwitchCraft or G&H plug (which must be soldered to your instrument cable) to assure positive contact and secure connection for superior performance and reliability.  See our "Vintage Jack" Cables page to order complete cables or adaptors.


*Compatible with both mono and stereo pickup systems.  The "Vintage Jack" is also wired to provide battery switching for active pickup systems.


We recommend professional installation to insure reliable connections and optimal pickup performance.  If you desire to do it yourself, instructions for connecting shielded audio cables are available here.


Retail price $80.00 (brass model)


The Mandolin "Vintage Jack" is also available in Ivory, Ebony, and other materials on special order.  Check these special order items here


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the "Vintage Jack" for Mandolin -- Brass  tgc0601-M

  $ 80.00 USD + Shipping




See our "Vintage Jack" Cables page to order complete cables or adaptors

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