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the "StrapKeeper two"

Now you can enjoy the security of the original StrapKeeper on your Taylor ES, Takamine, Yamaha, Alvarez, or Vintage Jack equipped guitar.

  The "StrapKeeper two" is designed to fit guitars equipped our Brass or Stainless Vintage Jack, and smaller endpin type "strap jacks" as found on current Taylor ES, Takamine, Yamaha, and others.  It may also fit many other types of guitars and endpins. No modification is required to either your instrument or strap.


The "Strap Keeper two" provides the solid connection between your guitar and strap that you have been longing for.  The "Strap Keeper two" is easily installed and readily removed.  The "Strap Keeper two" will not interfere with the use of standard cables or endpin type preamps.


Installation Instructions

Simply slide the leather "StrapKeeper two" through the opening in your strap. Fold the "StrapKeeper two" over upon itself and secure the loops over your endpin or "strap jack". Push the non-marring nylon retainer into the groove around the end pin "strap jack" until it "clicks" securely in place. Finally rotate the nylon retainer so that the opening is away from your guitar strap. To remove the nylon retainer, pull on its keeper cord. If the retainer is especially snug on your strap jack, push on the open ends of the retainer while pulling the cord. The nylon "StrapKeeper two" retainer is designed to fit snugly and may be a bit difficult to remove at first. It will become somewhat easier with use.

Use of the retainer clip with your "StrapKeeper two" may not be required on some applications. Its usefulness should be determined by the individual guitarist and situation.



the "StrapKeeper
two" will fit endpin jacks like those show below

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 the "Strap Keeper two"

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