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You appreciate exceptional guitars and fine music.  Why should you be forced to use ordinary guitar care products on your special instruments?


We search the world to provide the finest guitar care products and accessories available. 


 All of our products are carefully inspected and hand packaged.


We manufacture the "StrapKeeper" and "Vintage Jack".




The "StrapKeeper"  for instruments with strap jack type end pins is available for immediate shipment.  Think of it as insurance for your guitar.








The StrapKeeper fits endpin strap jacks like this: 


If you have a Taylor ES, Alvarez, Yamaha, Takamine, or other guitar that have endpin jacks like one of these:

You will need our NEW StrapKeeper two

The StrapKeeper two will also work with our Brass or Stainless Vintage Jack and some other smaller endpins and endpin jacks.


vintage jack in guitar

The "Vintage Jack"  replaces your tapered endpin making your instrument pickup ready -- No Drilling Required. 











 Shown at right is a Mandolin "Vintage Jack" in special order ebony along with a factory issue endpin for a Collings MF5.  The Mandolin "Vintage Jack" is available in Brass, or any of the Special Order Materials.






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